May 25, 2023

Production Partners

We strive to find the best , most unique, and coolest fantasy miniatures for use in your tabletop role playing games and Miniature painting. Below is some information about each of the designers and a link to their websites.

Across the Realms

Across the Realms is a journey across the less fleshed out locations of Toril and beyond in the Forgotten realms. Each month we will be bringing our Patreons a collection or 3D printable miniatures, themed around upcoming or previously released adventures.

Arcane Minis

Arcane Minis provides high-quality fantasy miniatures, airships, and other great goodies for high fantasy arcanapunk settings! Once every 4-6 weeks, we will release an exclusive Fifth Edition-compatible adventure and will include downloadable STL files for you to create miniatures to play along with.

Archvillain Games

Since 2019, Archvillain Games has been delivering high-quality pre-supported fantasy tabletop 3D model STLs to their Patrons. Each month a new collection of over 20 models is released with a unique theme. From lava dragons to Egyptian gods to war beasts and beyond.

Clay Cyanide Miniatures

We create high quality STL files for Miniatures and Tabletop games that are similar to Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. We focus on models based on mythology from all over the world. Be our patron and receive each month various of STL models ready for 3d printing. Along with your other co-patrons, you could also suggest topics and themes that we could sculpt for the succeeding months. (Our First Vendor since April 2020)


Welcome to the Clynche! I make fantasy/historical themed miniatures for tabletop games like dungeon and dragons at scale (28/32 mm).

The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Hello friends and travelers, welcome to The Dragon Trappers Lodge, a place where people from around the world share their adventures and tales of tracking and fighting the fiercest creatures known: Dragons!
We create 3D printable miniatures for your favorite RPG’s, wargames, and board games so you can print, paint, and play right from your own home. Print as is or scale up our miniatures for magnificent gargantuan figures! The possibilities are endless!

The Lodge is an exclusive group of the finest trackers, hunters, and warriors of all genders and races. The trappers of the lodge are the best in the world at what they do, true masters of the art of dragon trapping. Whether with sword and shield or staff and scroll, trappers of The Lodge use whatever means necessary to find and bring down their target. Their services put many knights in shining armor to shame and their tales are legendary. Their services, of course, come at a price and trapping dragons isn’t cheap! Often, trappers will try to negotiate with or relocate the more intelligent dragons, but sometimes there’s only one option. Being a dragon trapper is a dangerous job but hopefully you’ll last long enough to tell your own tales.

Drunken Dwarf Miniatures

Come in, my friend! Please take a seat and listen to our story. We are a team of friends and soulmates who share a love for board games and video games. Remembering our games in D’n’D over a glass of beer, we came up with an idea to try to make miniatures for our game and it grew into something more. And so we are sitting in our cave and making beautiful miniatures for you! We want to create new worlds for our adventures together, and we want you to participate in this too. With your support and feedback, we will improve our monthly content and make it even better! We hope you will actively take part in the selection of the following topics and we will have a great time. Cheers!

Dungeon Master Stash

Greetings, and welcome to Dungeon Master Stash! We are a group of players and DMs with a love for creating high fidelity, real-scale miniatures for your tabletop, each part of a 5E Campaign set in our original world of Tharador.

Each month we create at least ten new minis (sometimes more!), pre-supported in 32mm and 75mm scale with custom bases and their own statblocks within our respective 5E Campaign. As a bonus too, all our new subscribers have access to our Welcome Stash which grows by one extra mini every month!

Tharador is a world that I personally have been working on now for 6 years and been able to share with the world since we started in April 2021. We are stoked to be able to have Tharador explored by you guys with our amazing lore-rich models and the campaigns they accompany!

Flesh of Gods Miniatures

We create highly detailed, pre-supported, printable STL models every month. But that’s not all: our original characters will adventure in a 100% authoral dark fantasy world. And this is a story we are only beggining to tell.

Millenia ago, the world faced “The Great Disorder”, a series of events that plunged the land into madness and chaos. All was kickstarted by a simple but brutal discovery: the gods can be turned into mortals; can exist in the flesh.

Now in the “Free Years”, an organization called Guild Of The Eternal Recurrence hunts deities in an attempt to keep the status-quo. “The light of knowledge over the shadows of ignorance”, as they say, or at least as they want to present themselves.

One day, they found something that can lead to the starting point of this crisis: the lair of the ancient goddess Pandora, the one that was once responsible for guarding the artifact that turns gods into mortals.

The Gods Butchers, bounty hunters that work for the guild, are now in the run to kill the deity, but someone discovers something unsettling. Is everything the guild has told over the years the truth, or some wicked and carefully crafted narrative?

Lord of the Print

We offer high quality figurines in STL file that you will be able to use for tabletop gaming, painting or collection! Each model is printable within a large range of sizes, from 28mm to a massive 60cm print!
On the first day of every month, a new catalog will be released and will replace the previous month’s selection.

Mammoth Factory Games

We craft dynamic miniatures and gripping adventures for your gaming table! Each monthly release of highly detailed dynamic miniatures has a strong story & theme – vicious assassins, demonic invaders, or something far stranger.

Mini Monster Mayhem

Hello I’m Lee. I’ve been creating 3D characters for over 15 years and I have finally come to the realization, I want to share what I create and have wanted to for some time. In the hope people enjoy what creations I/ we come up with. One of the best feelings is knowing something created can be taken outside its 3d form on a computer and put in someones hand, no matter what you do with it, and enjoy it. The goal is to involve you guys as much as possible. There are hundreds of dragons I can create but finding concepts and poses everyone else enjoys, is far more satisfying.

Printed Obsession

Welcome to the mysterious, unruly world of Printed Obsession. Your perpetuating miniature madness starts here! Printed Obsession offers you esoteric, undiscovered 3D printable miniatures like you’ve never laid eyes on before. Becoming a Printed Obsession Patreon means venturing into a new realm of mystifying 3D printable creations, from demons hailing from the depth of the underworld to ferocious fire wolves wreaking havoc on those who opposed them. You’ll find your favourite models for your tabletop, RPG, and wargaming needs.

Sculptors Cave

I’m Jormacrod, the Sculptor of this Cave! Each month you will get Exclusive 3D Printable Miniatures 
made for you, to Play, Paint and Collect.

Sculptors Cave is our friend and Creative Partner. We do his model supports and print testing of his amazing models! We also collaborate with Sculptors Cave on custom and UPCOMING PROJECTS!


We feel like crazy scientists: We are passionate designers, our goal is to create amazing 3D models for tabletop RPG games. We feel like crazy scientists in a laboratory, creating all sorts of monstrosities to release against unsuspecting adventurers.
If you love insanely detailed and exclusive miniatures to paint or to use in your games, Join our Community.

We are a Lab: Rethink, redesign and recreate. These are the three words we keep in our minds when we are creating. We’ll rethink creatures and make experiments. We’ll look at the same old monsters in different angles and redesign them. We’ll recreate an innocent creature into a deadly horror. We can fail, but we’ll persevere. We are a Lab and our duty is to never stop trying to reach greatness, a deadly greatness. Help us, Join our Community.

Not all heroes grow old: All fantasy worlds have a thing in common, they are dangerous.
With this in mind, we want to design miniatures of dead heroes. Each month we will release a “Glorious Death” miniature. Some of them can be “funny”, other can be gore, but the main point is, not all heroes grow old.